I am drawing on the wall... and then, we are waiting for something to change on the surface.


 Drawing records an instant status of object, which is static and invariable, but what I am seeking, is the status of fluid, profoundness and variation. Projection technology gives me a chance that makes possibility of put a visual language on the surface of drawing, and makes intervention ephemeral.


I use Chinese traditional mural elements, like fairy, lotus, gestures, and clouds. They have a sort of intent of religion, and reflected people’s thought and belief in the past. Such as lotus represents pure and sacred. Projection makes intervention on the surface of drawing, brings a new vision of drawing, and breaks the audience’s previous impression of the drawing.






The work I have created and present here, is available for the viewer to access with their own mobile device, and thereby maintain a personal experience of the piece.


 One that shows an example of the visually intricate results, that can be produced with an interactive dimension. Bringing static, generated designs to life, through an augmented experience, this practise seeks to perform our indexical link to each other through photography. Producing imagined-analogues, between the past and future lives of others, nature, technology and the mind.




Interactive + Immersive Matrix Installation based on The Vector Equilibrium(VE).

My Installation is system-based on an idea by Buckminster Fuller concerning primal energy.


The Vector Equilibrium is the primary geometric energy array. It is the only geometric form in which all vectors are of equal length. Fuller discovered the significance of the full vector symmetry in 1917.  The VE represents a perfect condition when energy comes to a state of absolute equilibrium – absolute stillness and nothingness. The analogue component of my work, took as long as the digital component to design and construct. I suspect Brian Eno’s work, 77 Million Paintings, in the Montefiori Hospital, Hove had a similar time division. My point being, digital artists cannot turn their backs on the analogue if they wish to combine both media.






“My work explores human sexuality and intimate relationships in the age of digital media technologies.


I am fascinated by the role of Tinder-style apps in choosing partners. And what its impact is on mate selection, settling down, and our sex lives. I hope by taking real conversations, chat-up lines and profile text, and exposing them to the magnifying glass of art, I can challenge people’s  ideas about the importance of these technologies in shaping us today, and into the future”




The installation is a conceptual film represented in a series of abstract videosequences.


Through a story of a girl caught up in a labyrinth of paths the installation explores the matter of choice. Representing a fragmented perspective, the installation portrays the events as a materialisation of coincidences, impressions, and imagination. Presented on multiple screens, the installation explores the possibilities of intercommunicating narrations in both aesthetic and technological sense. The narrative follows a ‘game’ structure, in which particular choice leads to a path, however, the viewer, unlike in a game, deferred in a possibility of active choice and follows a predetermined narration of the filmic experience.



Rather than work in a medium that I am comfortable and familiar with, I have used this project as an opportunity to truly stretch and challenge myself by investigating and employing technologies, processes and techniques that are entirely new to me.


My work explores the revolutionary world of virtual reality, and the potential that offers to escape the ordinary, and explore impossible and fantastical realms. I have created such an environment, and I invite you to visit this Other Place.